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General Conditions JustCoins.co.uk

JustCoins.co.uk is a trademark from TalkNMore Communications Limited. A UK Limited company with company registration number:

With every purchase and sale through JustCoins.co.uk you agree with our General Conditions:

Bitcoins: a digital currency but not limited for Bitcoins only. Bitcoins can be replaced with every digital currency supplied on our website.

Buy Bitcoins or other crypto currency from JustCoins.co.uk

  1. All purchases involve digital goods without a fixed value. With every payment for crypto currencies you agree with the price that JustCoins.co.uk have determined for you.
  2. You understand that all rates are variable and can change anytime.
  3. You are responsible for entering the correct recipient address.
  4. If you entered a wrong address we will message you. Orders with wrong addresses will be refunded automatically after 30 days and your order will be canceled.
  5. After placing your order you need to make a one-time verification of your bank account (IBAN) if this verification has not been received within 30 days JustCoins will issue a refund to the used bank account (IBAN). You will lose your crypto currency order.
  6. With every buy order you are required to full fill the invoice amount. This amount can be fulfilled with one of our offered payment methods.
  7. In case of SOFORT Überweisung you agree that you will full fill the payment through the system of SOFORT Überweisung. The clearing of your payment is your responsibility.
  8. The delivery of your crypto currencies takes place by the provision of a coin transaction to the specified coin address. We ensure you to send a successful transaction, that immediately send to the corresponding crypto currency-network. We have no influence on the speed of the transaction, it may take up to 24 hours, if a problem does arise then you have the right to contact our support department.
  9. A completed iDeal, Mister Cash, SOFORT, GiroPay or/and any crypto currency transaction (delivery of our products) can not be undone.
  10. If you fill in the address of someone else then this is at your own risk and we can't undo the transaction.
  11. When an unusual situation takes place we might hold your orders till further verification.
  12. If you fill in a invalid delivery address our system will notice and show you a message on the order page. It is your responsibility to make contact with JustCoins.co.uk
  13. On suspicion of criminal activities JustCoins.co.uk reserves the right to suspend the transaction till the buyer is verified. We do this by telephone or e-mail if possible.
  14. All crypto currencies ordered at JustCoins.co.uk cannot be refunded, but you can sell these back to JustCoins.co.uk at the price offered by JustCoins.co.uk.
  15. JustCoins.co.uk is allowed to cancel your order if the price or buyer is not trustworthy. JustCoins.co.uk will return your money instantly if this occurs.
  16. You are responsible for saving your crypto currencies. JustCoins.co.uk offers many tips on the website.
  17. JustCoins.co.uk stocks can be empty sometimes due to the big variety of cryptocurrencies, please wait for your order to arrive.

Sell Bitcoins or other crypto currency to JustCoins.co.uk

  1. You sell digital goods to JustCoins.co.uk.
  2. For every application, JustCoins.co.uk will generate a unique address for your order. After we received the payment we will carry out the transaction on the next business day (weekends/holidays excluded).
  3. You must deposit at the address given by JustCoins.co.uk. Deposit your crypto currencies within 15 minutes If we do not receive the payment within 15 minutes, we will consider the transaction invalid.
  4. You agree that no tax is deducted from the sold crypto currencies.
  5. You agree that the crypto currencies offered legitimately acquired and you do not know of any possible illegal activities.
  6. You agree to be the owner of the account number and any other information you have given to be have truthful.
  7. JustCoins.co.uk is allowed to cancel your sell orders, the crypto currencies will be paid back to the given return address.
  8. It is the responsibility of the vendor to provide the correct information. We carry trades almost immediately after the crypto currencies have been received at the address given by JustCoins.co.uk.
  9. Transactions are being made every business day (holidays excluded) after we have received the payment.
  10. If the full amount is not paid on time the order will be canceled.

Anti-Money Laundering Program (AML)

  1. Anti-Money Laundering is at the core of JustCoins.co.ukJustCoins.co.uk follows the guidelines to provide Anti-Money Laundering measures.
  2. Customers that we do not 'know' are only entitled to buy small amounts of crypto currencies. These are such small amounts that most money launders would not bother with.
  3. In order to buy even a few crypto currencies, customers are required to register and also provide a 1 cent transaction to one of our bank accounts.
  4. In order to buy a high quantity of bitcoins, customers are required to fully identify themselves, this can be done with proof-of-identity and proof-of-address.
  5. Reporting of suspicious transactions under the law Disclosure of Unusual Transactions
  6. Active monitoring of transactions for fraud detection
  7. Cooperation with police and other government agencies in the UK and the EU.
Be aware: regulation can change continuously, therefor our general conditions can change as well.